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4 Links that will help kids learn the alphabet and study phonics.

I usually give a copy of this .pdf to most of the kids that I teach by Lesson 2 or 3 as a supplement on the flip side to a QTW p.. p.. "purinto."

Also, if I have the electronic blackboard available with a LAN hook-up, I usually show and demonstrate to the kids points 1: Alphabet Hunter by bubblebox which you can play here too. and 4 (

Alphabet Hunter by is a great game for getting used to the large letters. They move around the screen and you have to pick them off one by one in alphabetical order a mouse or a mousepen or your finger which is possible with the electronic blackboard. The game can be played in groups since it is quite difficult to finish the game on your own since there is only a 5 second time limit for each letter. Plus, they're moving around the screen at the same time. So, I've seen my students appreciate the help and hints when friends come up to the board to help out. The link on the pdf is where I first found this game and since I'm not in this to glorify myself the link points towards that party

You can play a teaser below or in the full page version here. If you are an ALT or a JET you can bookmark that page and play with the kids. This site does not have any answers from the Eigo Note and is student friendly. But if you want to change the link on your handout to our site, well, I don't really mind.

Everyone must know by now in the ELT world and if you don't that's ok. They've been around for a while and I think thier phonics and reading section is one of the best free things around on the net today. A student can pick a letter for the day and if you have a few left over at the end of a lesson you can play one of their alphabetical flash titles for any certain letter.

The Sesame Street material on the net is also quite good but might be tricky for students to navigate on their own. But if it gets the family together working on something then it got to be good for something. The link is here at

That's quite a long address but what it is is basically a soundboard for the alphabet! Quite easy to understand once its discovered...

The third link is

This is a phonics quiz game to identify what letter each object's word starts with. And your host is Big Bird!

As for the PDF by me, it is bilingual (English and Japanese) so hopefully the translations are correct. If you hand out these links to the kids you might want to ask the HRT first. Some people have different or strong views about kids using the internet, but 90% of my students are already using the net on their own either way. Just ask them at the end of any lesson and you'll find out more about your classes internet habits.

Alphabet Games on the Internet by The ENB.pdf


You can also play this game for the small alphabet letters.


Alphabet Hunter - full page version, Alphavit - a small letter version, Phonics Archives Home

Play in the full page version?

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