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Book 2 Lesson 3

October 13 2010 0 Comments by The ENB

Calendar Flashcards: The 31 days in numbers (for review)...

I've just prepared these cards for reviewing the number names first before heading into the "ordinal" way of speaking. This is just to get the kids on the right track and to show them the difference between number and ordinals. A set of "ordinaled" flashcards will be coming soon...

Eigo Note Book 2 Lesson 3 Numbers 1-31 for review first (not ordinals) by The ENB.pdf


Book 2 Lesson 6 I want to go to Italy.

Flashcards with national flags and ...

"I want to go to ..." written on the cards.

These are meant to be uses as a warming-up activity for the target language and to review the country names

Eigo Note Book 2 Lesson 6 I want to go to these countries - with flags - by The ENB.pdf

Downloads, Book 2 Flashcards Archives Read more The World in pictures!

Sept 21 2010 0 Comments by The ENB

Here is a list of countries and their respective photo and picture galleries. These galleries will always update themselves so you can always come back and visit them to see what the most recent pictures are from your favorite country or place. The "jquery lightbox" or rather the pop-up effect for looking at pictures in more detail has a blow-up button on the top right-hand side. does not add photo description details to this type of photo rss feed so you will only see a title under each photo as you click on them to activate the lightbox. But, Flickr does provide the twenty (20) "most recently uploaded photos" chosen for public viewing by their respective owners for each keyword, or rather in this case, "tag" word. What that means is that you will really be looking at what people are doing or taking pictures of these days in those countries. Have fun exploring the world for your favorite pictures and get to know each country one by one. Enjoy!

Oh, yeah... before I forget... these photos are still copyright of their respective owners so they aren't mine and they aren't yours for keeps, but they are available for public viewing. Feel free to visit anytime and check out their "creative commons" section of photos of which you can use for your class presentations depending on their respective licenses. It's a great site!

Flickr Pictures, Videos Read more

Wibiya's Beta Toolbar

Sep 15 2010 0 Comments by The ENB

What is Wibiya?

Wibiya provides a web toolbar to webmasters that enables blogs and websites to integrate the most exciting services and web applications into their blog or website.

Basically, the exciting part is that you don't have to leave the page to interact with the toolbar. The Wibiya web toolbar will allow you to choose from a great variety of web tools and features including facebook, twitter, and other web 2.0 integration web applications.

As far as what is in the Wibiya toolbar below? Well... you'll have to play around with it to get used to it. There's a connect to your favorite social bookmarking platform like facebook, twitter, yahoo, myspace. Also, there is a translate button that really does a good job by allowing the Google translator to do its job within the toolbar. Gosh! The page doesn't even jump!

Twitter Tweets and Facebook Like buttons so you can tweet, recommend, and notify your friends if you find something on the site you would like to share! (I'm hoping you all share the world gallery section...)

You can view real time stats by that red circle with the walking guy in it and get the number of users online, the urls they are looking at (so you can see what's going viral on the site) and a dot on a world map to see where they are.

Wow! And there's still more: video games, share this, digg this!, an rss button, and even a chat room!

Oh yeah... I like it!

I hope you will too!


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