Eigo Note at risk? - Have you sent MEXT your "Sorting" comments?

Dec 04 2009 0 Comments by The ENB

"Funding for primary school English booklet at risk"

from the The Yomiuri Shimbun.

Have you read the article yet?

According to some searching Genki Richard is always one of the first to know. Maybe he has spies everywhere ...but he has done a lot for English Studies in Japan at the the Elementary School Level and built us a site of almost 7000 pages for that purpose so I guess I can't stay mad at him too long for stepping on the Eigo Note in almost every post that I've read. It's just too much negativity that doesn't make sense. Especially his comment that the images in the textbook are very childish (compared to Genki English?). So, the Genki Englsih images are... still very 1.0-ish, Grade 1.0 or Internet wave 1.0? Well all of you out there can check it out for yourself. But, his site has its uses and I do appreciate the free online games section on the web at http://genkienglish.net/onlinegames.htm and he does too, as long as it doesn't affect his CD sales (http://genkienglish.net/teaching/lots-of-free-games) and thus, maybe, his "location free lifestyle" which you can have a closer look at (http://locationfreelifestyle.com/) on the net. I'm so jealous. I want to have that "Prince of English" lifestyle as well. How many CD's do I have to sell to my students... All in all, he does work very hard so bless his good heart.

Yet, everyone does have a right for their own opinion and I'm sure he agrees as well. So, I'm sure he won't slap me with a lawsuit for quoting his blogpost:


"So what are your thoughts? Are you for or against the Eigo Note?
For or against primary school English? How should it be taught?
Check out the Ministry’s page here:
And be sure to send them your opinion:
to suz-tak@mext.go.jp and you must write the name and number of the project:
The number of the project is 7 & the name of the project is

The deadline is Dec.15"

What I do reccommend though is to Google Translate the MEXT link about all the "Government's Business Sorting Practice" for "Federal Funding" and the bigger picture will show up more clearly on how it may or most possibly will affect the Ministry of Education and its own business practices and operations.

Think deep and hard about what you want to say to Suzuki Hiroshi Takai Miho at

because it may be your last words on the subject matter on any or all English Reform in Elementary Schools throughout Japan.

The MEXT page starts off in English like this:

Please send us your opinion of the Project on Government Reform Congress sorting operations

"平成21年11月16日 November 16, 2009


Currently meeting the government's administrative reform is "sorting" Business has been our target is shown in the table below for business in the Ministry of Education.

この事業仕分けを契機として、多くの国民の皆様の声を予算編成に生かしていく観点から、今回行政刷新会議の事業仕分けの対象となった事業について、広く国民の皆様からご意見を募集いたします。 Sorting as a turning point for this project, from the perspective of everyone alive in the national budget of many voices, about the business of sorting operations that were the subject of this administrative reform conference, everyone will be looking for feedback from the public at large .

予算編成にいたる12月15日までに下記のアドレスまでメールにてお送りください(様式自由、必ず「件名(タイトル)」に事業番号、事業名を記入してください。)。 Throughout the budget until December 15, please send by e-mail address below to Sun (any form, must be "subject (title)" business number, please enter the name of the business.)"

The "name of the business" means what to refer your email to:

So your email should look like this: (feel free to copy and paste)

"Dear MEXT:

Re: Number 7 英語教育改革総合プラン、学校ICT活用推進事業, General English education reform plan, schools use ICT

I am writing to you because...

Following is a copy of the translation of my letter from http://www.excite.co.jp/world/ :


Yours truly,

Name, email adress, and home address"

(add your home address if you really want it to be official)


Then... we wait.

But if you do go to http://www.mext.go.jp/a_menu/kaikei/sassin/1286925.htm

and translate the MEXT link page by Google Toolbar into English take a close

look at Number 7 and the word in the 4th column from the left. (Uh-oh)

I guess by now people like Richard and Helene must be laughing, you know where his comments are and you can see her comments at:


(The site does not belong to her so don't blame them, but they have a really healthy wordpres blog so they should be on the map as well, since it is an education blog on yes, Education in Japan and other things. Nice work, Katherine Combs, Angela Bartlett and Aileen Kawagoe, Editor-writer of the Education in Japan Community Blog. You have the ENB's seal of approval!)

Last but not least, I should have posted this a long time ago:

The famous Youtube response to Helene's comments from the now famous Jason! How is LA?

Here's part 1:


And here is part 2:


Hope you get the big picture of what's going on recently in Japan and Teaching English in Elementary schools. Even if you don't actually live and teach English in Japan you can still send MEXT a message from "outside the box."





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