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Welcome back to school! These summers sure breeze their way quickly by, don't they?

(Japanese Elementary School's summer vacation only lasts for about 5 weeks by the way...well, actually for more like 40 days at most.)

The kids were all rested and after we went thru a quick greeting and a mini-lesson on how to say "Long time no see!"

We were well into the lesson but we still wanted to consolidate the non-count and count noun grammar system so I went thru a quick round of repeating practice with the nouns on page 25 and corrected the kids
whenever they mistook some words such as saying "banana" or "cat" instead of "bananas" or "cats."

three s accents

I always get a wierd feeling when someone asks me "Do you like cat?" or "Do you like dog?"

It feels as if we're in the same context as "Do you like chicken?"


do you like...

We've explained this before, so now the kids have gotten quite used to it and are now on a kind of consensual-group-correction atmosphere. What I mean to say, instead, is a kind of peer-to-peer self-correction basis. Friends correcting friends and so on. Also, the peer pressure to be grammar perfect is starting to build-up as well.

Eigo Note Book 1 Page 27 Lesson 4 Activity O or X...Next, it was on to a round of Question and Answer practice with me, the ALT, wherein I would ask the kids if they liked something and they would answer simply "Yes, I do" or "No, I don't." It is just the start of second term and all the kids are getting ready for Sports Day so, plainly, the lesson was kept simple. On the other side, the kids did have to ask me as a group the activity questions on page 27, since last time it was the HRT's turn to answer those questions. This basically consists of the kids asking a teacher if he or she likes a certain item but first deciding whether the teacher will say yes or no. That's why you can see on the page the big X and O (behind the teacher holding the soccer flashcard) on the blackboard.

Eigo Note Book 1 Page 26 Lesson 4 Lets Listen Quiz  with Ken, Mai, and Emi... quiz answers prep After that, we had done the quiz on page 26 in preparation for the activity on page 28. Everyone did well on the quiz and we were then ready for the activity. We had already prepared in advance for this before the summer so it was just a matter of demonstrating
the interview in the same way as the quiz on page 26.


Eigo Note Book 1 Page 27 Lesson 4 Activiy 1 Interview Activity... interview prep We did, however, ask the kids to interview at least 5-6 friends and record their answers of yes or no (O and X) for each picture on the page. As time goes by, and while checking on student's performances we had caught some kids who just mainly speak or ask questions in "one-nouners" (dog?...cat?...etc...) so we had to remind the kids that we had been watching for that. Also, we asked the kids to write each other's intitials to save time so you can see in the pictures below.

presentation prep With the remainder of the time, we used that to prep them for Activity 2 on
page 29 and had most of the kids practicing with their partner:
1. Hello, everyone! (everybody)
2. My name is ...
3. I like ... I like... I like...
4. Thank you!

Here are some pics of the students' interview page (Page 28 Activity 1) for the interview activity:

Eigo Noto Unit 4 Lesson 4 is ready too...


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