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As continued from the last post...

"With the remainder of the time, we used that to prep them for Activity 2 on
page 29 and had most of the kids practicing with their partner:
1. Hello, everyone! (everybody)
2. My name is ...
3. I like ... I like... I like...
4. Thank you!"

This fourth lesson was started also the same way as the last one but we did not get to do the chant either and it feels a little redundant since the kids new it so well so it would be saved for later or for a rainy day.

Eigo Note Book 1 Page 29 Lesson 4 Activity 2: Presentations

After the repeating practice and a few rounds of "I like ..." practice, it was time to build up towards their presentation. Now, just to ease the tension a little bit a "speed call" game was played in rows. That meaning the first row of students would all stand up and as I would flash them a card the fastest person would say "I like...." and that card's name, would get to sit down first. The other students in the meantime would play as judges and judge who would be first based on their speed, rythm, and pitch or how loudly enough they could speak. (Great, I don't have to pressure the kids into into speaking loudly enough, their friends can do that for me in this game. It works really when they work together on it.)

As we got into Activity 2, I had the students practice the script prepared on the board. It gives a little more sight reading practice. Some students will ,however, when standing up at the front of the class, keep looking back at the board for their cue points. Well, that means they are reading aren't they and that's a good indication that their "sight reading" has improved.

The teacher's book calls for this activity to be done in lunch-goups as a report back on page 28 to their fellow students in lesson . This will, however, cause some grammar problems if the students have not yet studied verb conjugation in the present tense prior to this activity for the third class-Lesson 4. Moreover, the picture in the textbook on page 29 looks as if it is done in front of the class so I believe the kids are prepared mentally for this type of presentation activity.

Our activity was based on the usual criteria for good speaking, although we broke it down with a quick discussion with the kids into 3 basic levels:
1. Great
2. Very Good
3. Nice

The kids could all aplaud each other and give shouts of praise as well.
Have a good listen to the audio samples if you wish. The first example is quite
long and the order is chosen by the kids themselves using their student numbers. I did find out later that creating the order with thier lunchgroups or rows proved to be a lot faster.

Lastly, we played a game of Tongue Twister with the time remaining after consolidating the lesson and the whole chapter of Lesson 4.

Here were our consolidation points.

1. Nouns: Countable and Non-Countable: using the countable in general terms with "like"
2. Do you like...? Yes, I do./No, I don't.
3. The 3 plural ...s accents: z, s, and iz.

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