Lesson 5-2 The Second lesson - Do you still like green? How about those green pants?...

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My first classes for the second hour in Lesson 5 were for my first group of classes which were finishing off their presentations in the last post.

Also, we are now ahead of the other classes in the curriculum since we lost three days of teaching for the "Silver Holidays."

That's Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off in the fourth week of September, for those reading who don't live in Japan and have no idea what that is. Its a holiday I've heard for the aged. There's Grandparents Day in there, too. I'll have to get someone to explain that in more detail for another post.

Eigo Note Book 1 Page 31 Lesson 5 Let's Chant: Clothes and Colors...

Starting off, I'd just like to add that in my other now behind classes on Thursday we had to start from Hour 1 Lesson 5 and we took the same route as last week (see my last post) but we did get the chance to do the chant on page 31 since we had more time. Also, the Pile Up game was a blast to do and a real hit with the kids. A really good pick-up since the kids will be busy practicing their routines for Sports Day.

This second hour, however, we could not do a recap of the game. We started with a review of what was done and went straight in to the chant on page 31.

At first, while reading the pink teacher's book (the Japanese one, because that's the only way to get the lyrics for the chant on paper, otherwise you have to listen to the CD) it seemed very long and hard to teach. But when it was done in class it went quite well actually and without any complaints from the kids. Whew!

Working with the kids on the lyrics, line be line and with flashcards, really helped out and you don't really have to teach the grammar but you may want to show the meaning of "have" because you might have a few kids who will just have no idea what "have" means even though you have taught it before. A quick translation by the HRT worked well enough for us.

Plus, it took us a bit of time to get the whole song in tandem especially fixing the "have a" accent and omitting the "a" for the orange pants section took a few minutes but was well worth it. Here's how they sounded:

That was a bit of hard work for the kids so it was decided to give them a break and work on coloring the clothes game cards on page 65. As you can see, you've got to warn the kids about using the same colors and also on how to cut them out.

This one student insisted on red only and the other got confused about cutting on the "lines." Either way it really depends on how you are going to use these cards. If you're going to paste them on page 32 then by all means cut the clothes out from their edges like the one student did with the pants.

As for us, we chose to use the CD-rom for this activity and had a few of the kids present their color coordinates for all the kids to see on the LCD monitor. RGB and sound cables really come in handy and its a faster set-up than working with over-head projectors. Just plug and play!

Before the presentations we reviewed the name of the clothing items first. I keep forgetting how difficult it might be for Grade 5ers to just produce a simple language item such as "I have a yellow sweater." But the confusing part is that sweater sounds almost the same in Japanese and sound like "setter." It is written in Katakana but the kids have not yet realized that it was taken from English. Hence, its always good to give it some practice.

I almost embarrassed one student by asking her to present her colors and clothes before I realized she had no clue what sweater was in English. It's not really her fault so I quickly cut in and said "Oops, I forgot the clothing review!" So, we used the flashcards and did some quick production exercises before starting again with the sample presentations. (Of course, she had to continue where she left off.)

Here is a picture of a class using the "kidsvision" projector screen at the front on the blackboard and another picture with the TV. (Which one do you like better?)

"kidsvision" projector

You can really see in the picture the kids get all crazy for this portion and it's a real attention getter if you've got some wild classes like me. The kids loved to comment on their fellow students color coordinations, too. All in all, I'd say they had a good time.

Next lesson, we'll have to try the "Pile Up" game again this time with the intended target language in preparation for the presentations and the shopping games we are planning to play.


Eigo Notebook 1 Lesson 5 Lesson 3 is now ready...

Eigo Notebook 1 Lesson 5 Lesson 3 is now ready...


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