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I have been running this lesson over a span of three weeks now and I feel that I'm in a never ending whirlwind of clothes, colors, and that chant that is always in the background. How is that for prolific; marked by abundant inventiveness or productivity. Or should I say surreal; marked by the intense irrational reality of a dream.

Well, the lessons are going on longer than I expected due to some "yasumi's" that's off-time because of Sports Days, the Shin-Gata (New Strain) Flu and "Gakunen-hesai" or "Gakyu-hesai."
The last of which refers to when a class is closed due to more than 10% in absences and the one just before refers to a whole grade closing for 5 days because of an outbreak or that certain number of absences. If you do the math, that's 4 kids for a maximum class in Japan of 40. I've never hear of it done anywhere else, but I wonder if the kids have ever figured out how to...

Well, I'll stop there, I don't want any kids out here in Japan getting any wrong ideas...

We started this last lesson with a quick Chant, a review of the articles a/an, the names of the clothes, the Quiz on what color and clothes "Mai" has, and we finished it off with presentations.

Eigo Note Book 1 Page 35 Lesson 5 Let's Listen Quiz at the top and Activity 2: Show and Tell Presentations...

The quiz at this point is very fast but really easy to handle for the kids the second time around, so pause the CD after the first reading, and let the kids have a minute to catch their breath. In the first reading, I had about 40% of the class raising their hands, but 90% of the class were raising their hands after the second reading, when asked, "So, who got it perfect?" So that break eased some tensions the kids may have had.

It is still a great lead-in for the presentations and it shows the kids audibly how their individual presentations should somewhat sound like. (Yes, we did presentations with "I like ..." in the last chapter.)

The teacher's guide does say to just do the presentations in groups but we wanted to take it a step further and give the kids a chance to shine and build up and improve their public-speaking skills.

That sounds a bit strong, so let's just say we want the kids to gain more confidence in speaking in front of the class.

target language bpic Plus, its a great way to put the "articles a/an and without" to the full test. The kids don't mind making the errors, but most of my HRTs have been supporting this area of study. Also, the kids can get into a "self-correction" mode while speaking which I think is a positive attribute of English Study and Speaking. The students on a whole in all cases, have been very supportive and do help each other in my "special-one-minute-review" in groups to go over clothing items and a/an or without rules plus starting out with "I have..."

Before the presentations we also reviewed it together with the grammar points, and I have been arranging my flashcards in the same way as page 67 in the textbook which looks like this:

t-shirt .......... sweater
shorts ............ skirt
cap ............... socks
pants ............. shoes

Then we would test and practice with the kids, so it would look like this:

"a" t-shirt ........... "a" sweater
shorts ................ "a" skirt
"a" cap .................... socks
pants ........................shoes

Then we would practice them with the "I have..." T.L. and go through a test-run of the presentation together, with the students repeating after me.

Then, we played the quiz to give a break before the presentations. This way, I could put in another review of the presentation dialogue one more time with everyone before the first person started.

target language

The dialogue goes like this:

"Hello everybody,
My name is ...
I have ... (8 times for the 8 clothing articles)
Thank you."

Eigo Note Book 1 Page 34 Lesson 5 Activity 1: Shopping Practice!... The students had also taken some "English Notes" for for their presentations by writing down the articles in their notebooks on page 67. (We only used 1/2 the cards for the shopping game interview...;)

student "English Notes"

Maybe you might have noticed the error with the "an" in front of the shoes. I think the students were thinking about "an" in front of vowels, but didn't realize that it wasn't needed in front of a plural object.

I did not do an audio recording of all my classes because I wanted to get a class in the medium range to post here. Of course, there were students that made mistakes but they were told prior that it is to be expected and not to worry about making mistakes. The whole point is to try the best we can and
to get up and speak in front of everyone with confidence.

Well, I'll let you be the judge if you have time to listen to the kids. Just to let you know, there are about 23,000 elementary schools in Japan but that is not how many that are studying with the Eigo Notebook. The count is only about 200 or so "plus alpha" (but don't quote me on that) since the book is still in its trial stages.

So that leaves about 22,800 schools without this type of program.

But just in case that you, the reader is an ALT or HRT in this program and you have kids that will just absolutely not speak up in class, then by all means get an internet connection in the classroom and ...

...show them the kids speaking here at www.eigonoteblog.com or www.eigo-noto.com

I'm sure it might provide even a little inspiration for your students and that just might go a long way!

(if that is impossible, please send me a request for a copy of one our sound files and I will email you one)

Here are some more pictures of the student's "English Notes."

english notes english notes english notes english notes english notes student "English Notes"

P.S. These pics and audio are from two or three weeks ago. Unit 5 Lesson 2... just in case you wanted to have a third look.


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