Lesson 7-2 The Second lesson - The Blackbox Game... Using props in the ESL classroom

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This lesson was pretty much based on the teacher's book so it was quite easy to teach with the Homeroom Teachers.

The main points of the lesson was to prepare the kids for the black box quiz that would be played in lunch-groups for the last lesson of the year. (This year we will be finishing by the third lesson of this unit so we opted to start fresh next year on Lesson 8 for most classes.)


Eigo Note Book 1 Page 47 Lesson 7 The Black Box Activity-Game... We did do the chant and greetings and then we followed thru on the lesson as follows:

1. Silhouette Quiz on page 48.

2. Make your own Quiz on page 49.

3. Play with the kids with the Blackbox Game on page 47.

audio: Chant, "What's this?"

I'm running on a bit of a schedulle here since we are nearing the holidays but have a look at the pictures and the videos and I'm sure you will an inside the classroom kind of feeling for this lesson.



P.S. I'll make more notes available later on...


Eigo Note Book 1 Lesson 7-2 kids trying the Silhouette QuizKids trying out the Silhouette Quiz on the Electronic Blackboard


Eigo Note Book 1 Lesson 7-2 Students can write down the answers after the Quiz on page 48The silhouette quiz on page 48. Students can write down the answers in their notebooks. (I've smudged out the answers since knowing them would be cheating... called "cunning-gu" in Japanese.)


Here's a pic on the e-board to prep the kids for the make your own quiz exercise.


While introdcing the activity I introduced a quiz of my own for the activity.


I'm sure you can tell what it is now. But I had good fun with the kids for the first part eliciting their "wrong" answers. Donut, wheel, tire...etc.


And the answer is...


It's a hat!


Here's one for the kids who had no idea what to draw in their notebooks. So I told them I'm sure you can think of something better. Some classes took a lot of time just to draw these two pictures and we lost a lot of time. The faster classes got to do a little interview with their friends and still had time to play the black box game in the end.


The target language for the mini-interview.


The criteria for the next lesson.


And the videos: (I'm sure you'll like these!)


Yes, I know. The kids are really speaking to much Japanese in these exercises with the Blackbox Game, but what can you do? They are basically just kids and they are having fun and got so excited for this game so I usually leave that part up to the HRT to put them back in line. I mean, I don't really want to push them to hard and make them "have to" speak English, do I.




Eigo Note Book 1 Unit 7 Lesson 3 is now ready...

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