Lesson 7-3 The Third lesson - Creating your own quizes for ESL acivities in the classroom....

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The kids were quite prepared for the black box quiz and played in lunch-groups for the last lesson of the year. Some classes did only three lessons and a few other classes were able to do the fourth lesson. So, this year in 2010 we will start the kids off fresh with Lesson 8 for their first lessons of the year. Stay tuned for those posts in the near future.

In the meantime, have a Happy New Year's holidays. And just like my Homeroom Teachers always ask me every year: "Where will you go?"

We did do the chant again after our greetings and then began the lesson as follows:

1. Quizing your fellow students with your own Silhouette Quiz on page 49.

2. Make a Silhouette on some white paper in preparation for the next lesson.

3. Play with the kids with the Blackbox Game on page 47.

audio: Chant, "What's this?"

Eigo Note Book 1 Page 49 Lesson 7 Making My Own Quiz Activity...

The kids did have a lot of extra time so most of it was spent on making their own quizes. Have a look below to see their creations.



P.S. I said I would make more notes available for the last post but I think each picture is worth a thousand words... so I'll do the same thing here.


Eigo Note target language on the blackboard playing with the blackbox Eigo Note's target language on the blackboard and the kids playing with the Blackbox.

Kids playing with the Blackbox Here's the HRT having fun with the kids and here he is again...

What's this? and What's up?

This HRT really gets around the classroom. Everybody gather around and take turns!

Finishing up the silhouettte quiz on page 48 naming the silhouettes in English This classs had to finish up the quiz on page 48 first. You may not want to show your kids these answers.

quizing each other with random flashcards quizing each other with flashcards Quizing each other with some randomly picked flashards. More quizing with some extra flashcards.

Here are the students' creations for the drawing acitivity on page 49.

page 49 drawings

Here is what they did with some scrap paper lying around the copy room in the teacher's office.

finished silhouette cuttings

And the videos: Why not take a look again. These are from the last blog post.

From the last post:

"Yes, I know. The kids are really speaking to much Japanese in these exercises with the Blackbox Game, but what can you do? They are basically just kids and they are having fun and got so excited for this game so I usually leave that part up to the HRT to put them back in line. I mean, I don't really want to push them to hard and make them "have to" speak English, do I."


Eigo Note Book 1 Unit 7 Lesson 4 is now ready...

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