Lesson 8-2 The Second lesson - Teaching School Subjects and the Days of the Week...

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Teaching School Subjects and the Days of the Week: The Second Lesson

Into the second 2 round of Lesson 8 and time to refresh the kids on their target vocabulary after doing our usual introductory greetings.

We usually go into the chant first at this point, but sometimes we just go ahead and refresh the kids or quiz them on the vocabulary taught in the previous lesson and save the chant for later.

Eigo Note Book 1 Page 50 Lesson 8 Teaching School Subjects for ESL...

Reviewing the school subjects with the CD rom can be quite easy using the bingo activity screen (page 52) since all the Japanese school subjects are shown there. You can use the mouse pen to drag or wiggle which picture textbook you want the kids to say in English. Hold that pic on the screen and let the kids answer your question, "Do you remember? What's this in English?" Because once you let go of that image, the voice prompter will cut in and say the subject name. The days of the week can be reviewed the same way except you can't move those images around like the school subjects so you can only tap it with a mouse pen (if you've got an Electronic Blackboard) or left-mouse-click it to play the voice prompter. I also use flashcards for reviewing at the beginning and work on their accent before moving on.

Eigo Note Book 1 Page 52 Lesson 8 Teaching School Subjects for ESL - The Bingo Game...																																																																																																																																																																																																																		This might be a good time now to let the kids cut their game cards in preparation for the Bingo Game on page 52. (It is always better if the kids can cut their cards outside of your class time, but in my situation it is usually out of my control and up to the Homeroom Teachers.) Cutting cards always burns precious class time so I really don't like it. But it must be done.

Once the kids were ready we showed them the Bingo screen on the electronic blackboard and asked them to get ready while I shuffled those image cards onto the bingo screen.

We played in two versions. The first of which was just a quick say in English for each card and then the kids would translate and then turn their cards over. And, we usually play "double" bingo instead of the traditional "single" bingo game.
The double game lasts longer and we usually play for about 6 cards and see at the end who got a double, single, or even a triple bingo. Those who didn't get any bingo are taught the meaning of "Too bad," which goes "zan-nen" in Japanese.

Now, for the second game, as in the teacher's book, it wants you to just give the kids a hint by giving the kids a day and a class period number. The kids may not know their ordinals, and mine aren't that proficient with it yet. So, just a "You study this on Monday, one," worked out very well. Give this kind of quiz as a warm-up before the game and the kids will be fine. You can also use the quiz on page 53 as a warm-up drill. Eigo Note Book 1 Page 52 Lesson 8 Teaching School Subjects for ESL - The Let's Listen Class Schedule Quiz...

After the bingo games and after congratulating the winners, we then tried the gesture game again to see if the kids could come up with some new material. We finished here (unless we hadn't done the page 53 Let's Listen quiz).

Hope you have a good lesson...


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