Lesson 9-2 The Second lesson - Chants and Bingo as a way to practice ESL conversations...

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Teaching the Unit's chant and lyrics. Bingo as a way to practice ESL conversations.

Eigo Note Book 1 Page 58 Lesson 9 The Bingo Game...

Today's lesson was really meant to have some fun with the Bingo activity in the textbook. It also included some speaking exercises prior to playing Bingo to consolidate the target language since the students had to ask each other "What would you like?" for their bingo game cards. All in all, the lesson was quite relaxing, and very fun for the kids. Also, with the more time permitting classes we were able to ask a few kids what they had eaten for breakfast in the morning.

Here are the main points for today:

1. Intro
2. Review food items with flashcards
3. Give the chant as a quiz: Ask the kids which 4 foods will appear
4. While getting the answers by student number, ALT sings the song accapela then stops before
the word, so that student can fill in the next line.
5. Go thru the lyrics with the class accapela
6. Work on the accent "What would you like?" and "I'd like"
7. Use the electronic blackboard if needed
8. Sing the songs a few times.
9. Ask students to set up their bingo sheets by using the T.L.
to ask their partner "What would you like?"
Their partner can answer "I'd like a ____, please.
Then give that card to him/her to use for bingo.
Repeat the process until he/she has received 9 cards then switch roles.

Note: Ask the kids to lay out their game cards in rows on the side of their desks before starting the interview game. It will be easier to give each other the cards rather than giving them from their hands. Check the videos below.

10. Play Double Bingo when the kids are ready.
11. With the time left over, have the winners write their names on the board, and all the kids should prepare their menus for their presentations for the next lesson. Collect all the cards they didn't use for a game at a later time.

Eigo Note Book 1 Page 59 Lesson 9 My Special Lunch Menu Activity...																																																																																																																																																																																						Note: We stuck with this rule: Maximum 6 items for the "My Menu" presentation on page 59. This way things wouldn't get out of hand and the kids could complete their menus in 5 minutes or less.

12. Finish the lesson, with the note that we will have individual or group presentations for the next lesson (depending on your situation if there are at least two lessons left at your schools or just one).


Thanks for reading and please enjoy the pictures and videos below.

Hope your lessons went well.


Eigo Noto Book 1 Lesson 9-2 kids playing the Bingo Interview Game Eigo Noto Book 1 Lesson 9-2 What would you like? on the electronic blackboard.

Click on the picture below to see it in more detail (800x280)...

Eigo Noto Book 1 Lesson 9-2 What would you like? The kids wrote some notes in their textbooks...


Hope you have a good lesson...


Eigo Note Book 1 Unit 9 Lesson 3 is now ready...

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