Lesson 9-3 The Third lesson - Teaching about Lunch Menus and Kids ESL presentations...

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Teaching about lunch menus and ESL kids presentations.

The students really digged these individual presentations because we had our own little "I would eat that!" or "I wouldn't eat that!" or "No way!!" voting contest.

Eigo Note Book 1 Page 60 Lesson 9 Preparing Lunch Menus in Groups...

In a game of giving votes for the best menus, the students were quite strict and picky about their peers' menus. The top scoring student got about 15 "hands" out of 30. So, I think they took this very seriously and didn't give any votes away based on popularity. Unbiased and unprejudiced involvement from the kids with a lot of excitement and comments. I liked it a lot! I should have taped all their comments. But I'll try to get a few translated... soon.


Eigo Note Book 1 Page 61 Lesson 9 Class Presentations for the Group's Special Lunch Menu...																																																																																																																																																																																																																														1. Intro

2. Review food items with flashcards

3. Give the chant as a reminder-quiz again: Ask the kids which 4 foods will appear. (Get them focused.)

4. While getting the answers by student number, ALT sings the song accapela then stops before
the word, so that student can fill in the next line.

5. Go thru the lyrics with the class accapela.

6. Work on the accent "What would you like?" and "I'd like..." Try a few A-B practice skits in pairs.

7. Use the electronic blackboard if needed for the mini-presentation:
Prep the kids for the presentation:
Teach "What do you have for lunch?" and "I have.....and..."

8. Kids come up to the front and do their presentations. This will take a long time for very big classes so if you think some groups might not be able to finish their individual presentations, cut numbers 2-6, so all the kids can finish.

9. Finish the lesson, with the note that we will have group presentations next lesson. That means, their lunch groups will have to produce another original menu.

(But what I'd really like to do is a cooking class to finish off the textbook with a little party in the Home Economics room but this wasn't set up in time. I should have prepared the HRTs much more in advance. The kids would have had a blast since it is a food lesson. Well, maybe next year. Doh!...)

10. Review the Let's Enjoy 3 activity on pages 62 and 63 with the kids with the remaining time.


A skeleton post for now. So many things to do. March and April so very busy in Japan. So sorry, excuse me... so sorry.

Hope your lessons went well though.


Eigo Note Book 1 Unit 9 Lesson 4 is now ready...

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