Lesson 4-2 The Second lesson - "Can you...?" Practice-Review...

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More Practice with Verbs and a Review Lesson...

I can swim./I can't swim...

In this lesson we started off with the Chant, testing the kids first if they remembered sing, fly, and swim. For some reason I could not get the melody of the song out of my head and I even surprised myself that I had actually memorized the whole chant without even reviewing. The kids had followed my cue and we did a few repeats before singing along with the CD. They could repeat after the first few lines but once they get to "What can you do?" they have got to sing in unison with the CD or fall behind.

Lesson 4 chant Eigo-Notochant flashcards

Eigo Note Book 2 Lesson 4-1 - Page 25 - Let's Listen 2 and Let's Chant - I can swim

Eigo Note Book 2 Lesson 4-2 - Page 26 - Activity 1 - Verbs - 1. A Listening Quiz. Listen to the CD and point to the picture. - 2. Gesture Quiz. - 3. Ask the HRT or ALT the Can you... questions. First, students must draw a triangle in the small box if they think the teacher can or a circle if they think the teacher can't do the activities/verbs/actions. Next, we told the kids to go to page 26 and just to make sure we reviewed all the names of the nine cards in nouns first. So far so good, next we asked the kids to repeat with the verbs as well, but in a more test-teach-test system. I taught the first card as "play baseball" but as we got into the second and third cards the kids would have to give it a try. They did quite well, but the most common mistakes were "I can swimming, play swimming" vs. "I can swim", "ride" and "unicycle" were unknown words so they had no idea, "play piano" vs. "play the piano", the same for "guitar", and cook vs. "I can cooking."

We had repeated the correct forms again and also with "I can..." and "Can you..." along with a review of the answers in correct form.

page 26 nine flashcardsIt was all good preparation for the "Guessing What" (Page 26' Activity 1 Point 1) but instead of using their fingers to just point out the flashcards I had the students write down the number and order of the audio beside each picture. With all the review done beforehand they had perfected the quiz. Great, now their spirits were really up.

As far as the Gesture Game (Page 26' Activity 1 Point 2) in the teacher's book, we had already done this in the first class of the day but it took quite a lot of time so it was skipped in the other classes; it was done later on in those lessons with the time remaining.

In those classes I put my comedian cap on and blew the kids away as quickly as I could. I wanted to keep their spirits up because I had promised them more speaking time last week. So, (as we finished the gesture game for those classes), we got into part three of Guessing What (that's point 3 on the top of page 26) and prepped the class for our version of it. Instead of having students interview a friend we had just interviewed the HRT teacher. I thought it may have been to early for that kind of activity. We needed more practice but something with speaking and something fun. So, we stuck with the plan and the students were told to use the small boxes on the top-right-hand corner of the pictures on page 26 and draw a circle or triangle for what they thought their Home Room teacher could do or not do. Circles for yes, and triangles for no. Have a listen on the audio player below and you will see what I mean.

Our way: Students will have to all stand up and interview the teacher and if they have guessed right they can keep standing... But, if they had guessed wrong they have to sit down. So, this became a kind of "Last (Man) Person Standing" type of game.

teachers interview answers

They loved it and it was all flowers and roses after that. The last standers had pressured me into offering some sign prizes, just my usual cartoony stuff on the back of the textbook.

students interview answers


Good, clean fun for the kids and speaking practice as well. But here's the kicker, ask the students if any of them would like to play the teacher's role and you'll actually get a few kids to volunteer. Just have them do janken and you'll soon get started on the next round.

As for the finish, we reviewed our verb-noun items again and called it a day.


Eigo Note Book 2 Unit 4 Lesson 3 is ready!...


Hope your lessons went well!


Eigo Note Book 2 Unit 4 Lesson 3...


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