Lesson 6-2 The Second lesson - I want to go to... I like... I want to see...

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I want to go to Italy. (How about you?)

I want to see, play and...

The lesson went smoothly today but started off a
little slower than usual. It has been two weeks since their
last lesson because I was sick with a bad cold and fever.
Poor ENB...and poor kids. They had to skip English since I wasn't
around, but everyone in Japan knows that is usually the case
when the kids are without a JET, ALT, or JTE (Japanese Teacher of

Is it better this way? Well, perhaps. A successful lesson is better
than a mediocre one, isn't it?

Here is the lesson outline for the day:

1. Greeting

2. Review: The first Quiz, and country names.

3a. Review of I want vs. I want to

3b. Speak Up: Asking the students "Where do you want to go?
In Japan: (I made the picture presentation page after getting
their "free" answers.)

4. Review of the Chant

5. Vocabulary: Bingo Cards Names, From which country Quiz

6. Bingo: "I want to play Bingo!" "Let's play Bingo!"

7. Quiz: Where do they want to go?

8. Quiz: Looking for likes, want to see, eat, and play.
"What does Ken like?" or
Ken said, "I like ____."
Letting the kids finish the sentence off or
saying it altogether from the start.

9. Consolidating


Since it has been two weeks, I just wanted to give the kids a flashback
by playing the introductory quiz at the beginning of the unit. We used
the Electronic Blackboard again today I'm really getting used to this.
The kids have even made many open positive comments at the end of the
class that the lessons seem more interesting lately.

I guess that is because they can now see things in a larger format rather
than the A4 flashcards which have been the usual staple. Although, I still
use the A4 cards to train the kids for certain items like the chants and
other things.

The next review was on the country names used in the last lesson, and it
was just a one-off thing and to see if the kids had any problems there.
Nothing much really.

The main point for us was to confirm if the kids could really understand
the difference between want vs. want to. This takes a lot of team-teaching
since the JT's will have to understand this point as well so they can relate
the key points to the kids. Plus, it was mentioned that the Grade 5 students
have a "I want a ___." lesson in Book 1 so we had to let them know.

That was when we reminded the kids about such words as cold, in "I am cold,"
and "I have a cold." They quickly got the message and the introduction and
reminder about "I want to" was pressed on. Basically, grammar translation method
going on here but it works well for a one off, then we could really get a lot of
samples from the kids on both points, what they want, and where they want to go.
Good, they got it, again.

So, our "Speak Up" portion went quite well, and we got a lot of answers which gave a lot
ideas for the Picture Presentation I prepared for the next class.
I have to admit I took some good advice from Chuhichic's blog and asked the kids about
where they wanted to go in Japan. Also, the kids had a good time being introduced
to her via the Electronic Blackboard, LAN, the school internet connection, and
her Blogger Profile Page. So, now everyone knows what she likes
and that she's trying really hard to learn Japanese.

Also, I was quite impressed with the presentation she had
in her Google Docs link
, that I decided to prepare one myself for the kids.

Thanks, Chuhichic, you lit my fire when I was down and out after hearing
the news about the Eigo Note textbook funds possible going down the drain.
For me, it is basically the idea of the government canceling out any sort of
financial support for English in Elementary Schools nationwide that gets my goat.

The rest of lesson however went quite well even though it was straight out of the book
but there will be more speaking exercises and games for the next lesson.

In the meantime feel free to enjoy my "I want to go there in Japan..."
picture presentation
and the video at the end of it is for Chuhichic and all you hard-working good people out there. Hope she has time to watch it too and possibly have the time to me give a track back, hint, hint. Her link is at the bottom of the middle menu bar. (Saving the best sites for last ...check it out.)





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