Lesson 6-3 The Third lesson - "I want to eat kimchi. / I want to play soccer....

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I want to go to Italy. Quizzes and more:

I want to see, play and...

Here we are for the third lesson of Lesson 6 Book 2.

We outlined the hour like this:

1. Greetings and Introduction

2. Modeling and Repeating of All the country flags plus the ones from Book1

3. Let's Listen 1 Let's Play Bingo

(Putting the Bingo Cards in order from CD#47. We forgot to do this in the second lesson.)

4. Chant "I want to go to Italy." ("I want more travel time...How about you?")

5. Review: "I want to go to..." (We practiced with the flags to get the kids going.)

5. Let's Listen 2 page 39 (Reviewing where Ken and the others want to go. Checking the kids for their comprehension skills. Then combining with...)

6. Teaching and Review: Teaching the new expressions "I want to see, eat, and play.

7. Let's Listen page 40: Checking to see if the kids understood the context on the above target language.

8. Preparation for their "I want to go to..." Presentations for the next class.


The main points:

After doing the usual greeting and introduction, we felt it was good to go over the flags with the kids again just as a quick and easy warm-up
since we had already prepared the flashcards in advance. Also, it was quite fun to show some flags from Book 1 which gave the kids a wake-up call
and something new to try and recall the name of the countries. They actually have a very nice set of flags and country names in their
Social Studies textbooks so it kind of turned into a little quiz game when the HRT said to them, "Come on, take out your textbooks and get those
answers!" They soon got them which were Russia, Mongolia, and New Zealand.

The kids were in a good mood from that point on so we did a little review on "I want to go to.." and the flags were used as a warm-up.
Well, there was nothing really to use for this and the whole unit is filled with flags in the textbook so it seems logical to stay in contact
and not head into any other directions that would tire out the kids. Flashcards also help our kids pay a little more attention while
you are holding them up.

Today's lesson was mainly listening and speaking. I wanted to play an Interview Game but then thought again about it since our kids
have not yet really grasped using "want to" other than with "go" and the last quiz in the unit would be horrendous to try
without allowing them to build up their skills with the extra verbs in it like play, eat, and see. I had even prepared passports and
everything for the activity but scrapped it at the last minute. Oh well, maybe we can try it in the next lesson if there is time or
use it at the end of the year if we have a few lessons left over.

We used the Cd rom for the quiz review and to get the kids going repeating in unison after listening to the quiz again. Oh yeah, seems
boring but it gives those kids who were absent from the flu a chance to catch up. The other kids didn't mind at all and it just proves
that they are great kids with excellent class camaraderie.

Basically, the main purpose was to consolidate their speaking skills while saying in their own words in first person where Ken
wants to go and what Ken wants to see not really on what Ken likes because they already know that and how to say that. Plus, it gives them
confidence as they say it together in a group with me coaching along. Of course, it was explained that we had to use first person since
we haven't really studied using "he or she wants to go to..." because everything (the grammar) changes. So, let's pretend that we are Ken and
Anne and so on. Thus, I would ask the kids "Where do you want to go?" and they would respond as if they were that character in the textbook.
Not really fun stuff, but at the end of it all, they could actually communicate real answers without much coaching, and in essence that's what
the kids (my students) really want; to understand spoken English and to respond to it in real situations with confidence.

So, we continued with the next page and the previous exercise was in preparation for that quiz on page 40 which uses a lot of words
like "want to see," with "play" and "eat" as well. No one complained at all and we only had to play the quiz twice over for a few students.

Then, we had to tell the kids, "Your presentation next week will be just like the quiz," (in Japanese of course)
"so it should go just like this..." and I gave my demonstration in front of the class.

Hello everybody! My name is ...
I want to go to France.
I want to see the Eiffel Tower.
I want to eat "escargot."

So, the last one kicked in for a good effect and got a lot of "ugh's" and "iyaahs" from the kids. But they got the scope of it and
and we had them quickly working on that page in the textbook. We also had the class writing the above sentence intros in English
in the textbook and they have really caught on with their sight-reading and penmanship. Well, the latter leaves a little to be desired
but I don't want to push them too hard. There won't be a midterm either way so my classes are a lot like playing golf, keeping your
own score and being honest about it but also keeping track of your own performance. Kendo, Aikido, Baseball, Swimming, Soccer,
and other performance based sports are getting very popular in the area so the kids have changed for the better recently now that
they are quite keen on personal performance. (And you get to know who is on the local baseball team by their down to 1mm haircuts.

Well, while the kids were making their notes for the presentation it gave me a good chance to take a few photos and communicate
man-to-man with them. This wasn't really an interview so I didn't make any sound recordings that might put the kids "on the spot."

After the kids saw that picture presentation, they mostly chose places in Japan, though...

Hope your lessons are fine and going well...



writing for presentations

writing for presentations

writing for presentations

writing for presentations

writing for presentations



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