Lesson 6-4 The Fourth lesson - Students Classroom Presentations: "I want to go to...

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I want to go to Italy. The Student's Presentations... :

I want to go to... I want to see, play and...

The last lesson in Lesson 6 for our students and for the year turned out to be somewhat productive.

The students were willing to go through the ordeal but having to review and spend time on preparing and warming up in groups took a little more time than expected.

We outlined the lesson like this:

1. Greetings and Introduction

2. Chant "I want to go to Italy."

3. Modeling and Repeating of I want to go to...

4. Modeling and Repeating of I want to play, eat, and see...

5. Pick-up: "I want to go to..." by asking the kids individually. (We practiced by using student numbers.)

5. Practice with the Picture Presentation and a little break-time with the video from John Rawlings. The song from Barcelona really relaxed the kids and put them in the mood.

6. Practicing in lunch groups to clarify as much translation as I could and having the kids practice in front of their peers or with a partner.

7. Activity 2 page 41: "I want to go to..." Presentations.

8. Closing: Advise and praise for all the kids for doing such a great job. I'm hoping other kids in Japan have the same courage as they do.



The main points:

Well, there aren't that many exept that presentations do take some time depending on the number of kids in the classroom. I would have like to have done more Questions and Answers between the kids, but there just wasn't enough time. With the time left over we divided the world map in the textbook into three parts (Asia, North and South America, Europe and Africa) and asked the kids to collect as many signatures as they could and have their friends sign their names in the part according to where they wanted to go.

A final good-bye and Merry Christmas for the year and we finished the lessons with good cheer. I also reminded them to get as much "Otoshidama" (New Year's money presents for kids in Japan) from their relatives as they could which got a big laugh from the kids.

Hint hint, MEXT and the Sorting Business people, "Show me the money!"

Merry Christmas!

Hope your lessons went extremely well this year...


P.S. For those of you still working on these lessons check out the Flashcards page for a new set on "I want to eat, see, and play..." to help your kids practice as much as they can.

(The spaghetti one looks pretty bad with the broken plate but things have to get done...quickly sometimes.)


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