Lesson 7-2 The Second lesson - Teaching Time, Verbs of Routine, and a little writing...

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Teaching Time, Verbs, and Daily Routines in the ESL Classroom:

What time do you get up?:

For the life of me I can't remember if we had done the chant in the first lesson or did we start from this lesson.

Oh well...the teacher's book does call for it to be done in the second lesson but I had it written in my notes for the first lesson. I think we had not yet done it since the first lesson was quite full of so much to do already.

In the last lesson, leaving off from my last post, we had reviewed all the verbs from page 44 and 45. But today there was a time quiz on hand. So much of the first part of our lesson was built on consolidating time expressions in preparation for the Let's Listen Quiz on page 46. Most of that was for the kids and their usage of tens in time expressions like 7:20, 6:45 and the like. A few minutes on that and we were in the quiz and done with it in about 7 minutes.

Good, we had enough time to get on with the Guessing What activity on the same page. Now, the teachers guide just says to go straight into a conversation with your HRT but how do you really get the kids warmed-up. Sometimes, the skit-teach-perform a skit, feels like I might as well turn on a TV program and ask the kids to watch and then ask them, "Did you understand?"
Not really a good method is it?

Well, I prefer relating the teaching method for a skit the same way as for a "reading exercise." You know, introduce the topic, ask some interesting questions, introduce some unknown words, give them a little practice with them. But I wasn't really sure how to make a daily routine so exciting without using Indiana Jones as a role-model. Well how far can you really deviate, when the kids are seeing something for the first time and you've got keep in line with the pictures and target language in the textbook.

So for this exercise we just had the kids write down a memo in English for each picture. Well, it helps to avoid any confusion the kids might have with the pictures. Not that it is too complicated or anything, they (the verbs) just go from, get up, eat breakfast, teach, go home and go to bed. Not too complicated so why write them down? Well...

I started doing that after one Home Room Teacher asked me in one class, "What time do you read a book?" instead of "What time do you go home?" The picture in the exercise does show a lady reading a book doesn't it. Well, let's just say a"little" complicated then. This reminds me too of a time when I was asked by a certain homeroom teacher,"Why do you write English words on the blackboard? The kids cannot read them, right?" So, I answered with a poker face, "That's actually not for the kids..."

But I think it's a good thing to note things down for the sake of sight-reading, and doing something with those Romaji skills the kids pick up in Grade 4 like performing the activity of taking notes and a little memo. You can call it "Memo Time" for the kids just to play around with it and you can usually start these short-time activities around the 2nd or 3rd term of Grade 4.

But good for me, the HRT'S know exactly what is going on since the Activity's introduction line says in Japanese, "Let's see what our teacher's day is like?"

Hey, didn't we just do this last week? Oh yeah... we skipped the model clock-dengon game activity and worked on the Kirk-Spock skit instead, which was still quite fun since I don't really hate Star Trek by the way.

Well, anyway's we did it again this time, like Spock and Kirk. I couldn't believe that one of my HRT's goes to bed at 9:30. But good for the kids too since they seem to have caught on and the time expressions plus our HRTs' good use and accent of "I get up...at..." and all the rest of those routines have finally paid off. Perhaps, there's the the Teachers Guide in Japanese to thank for that.

Well, it's back for a little student pick up after the Activity and I think all the students have had a turn answering a time and routine question since last week. Any of those students that we forgot to pick up will be accounted for
next week. The kids really liked hearing about each others schedules and the most famous questions are "What time do you get up?" and "What time do you go to bed?" Talk about Spock, um, I mean one of my HRT's saying 9:30, but when you hear a student answer 7:30 for going to bed, which is totally true by the way (he did say it!), the kids will really want to know what each others routines are. (I shouldn't really mention either that I spoke to that kid in private, before the lesson, and gave him a set of stickers as a bribe, to answer "I go to bed at 7:30" in front of everyone during random pick up. Heh he he..."Hey, kid, I'll give you a sticker if you...)

Well, whatever works for you in the classroom. But, no, I did not give him a bribe.

We did get on with it for about 10 minutes and the kids had gained some confidence in using the target language with time expressions and we also learned that the average time for going to bed for the class was 11:30 p.m. which was really good to know. A few of the kids had said even 2:00 a.m.. See how much a teacher can learn about their students just in one English Class. Were they kidding? I don't really know.

Now I can't really remember what we did next, was it the chant or the Ohajiki Game? The game I believe. We did do the chant in the first lesson and we did it in the beginning of this lesson, too! Now, I remember!

Yes, the Ohajiki Game was quite fun and this time we even used props from the Grade 1 class. They were the 10yen plastic coins used for their math lessons and the Grade 6 students were quite excited to have the pleasure of using such fine materials since I was quite stingy in the past and had just said to use their pencils and make 5 circles and let's get on with it. Well, it is nearing the end of the year and I thought I'd let the kids have some fun since we've been quite stingy I guess.

So, a few winners and some signs at the back of the textbook, and we're done for the day. Oh, I forgot to mention the Gesture Game.

Yes, at this point the kids were on a high buzz from the game, and we thought it would be the perfect chance to introduce the gesture game, but once they were asked "Who's coming up to the front to do a gesture for us?" the whole class froze in silence. Well, you could here a few whispers of "..eh" but that was about it.

So, not to lose the rhythm for the day. I said I'll do them. Not much time anyway's, so I take off my Captain Kirk hat and put on my Jim Carey hat instead.

We did a few gestures, or rather I did, with the little time remaining there was only time for me to do a few quick ones. Oh... the things I will do for these kids...

We finished there and that was that...

By the way, just kidding about the Spock bit. I've got a really good set of HRT's but the 9:30 bit was really true.

Hope your lessons were good or even better!



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