Lesson 8-2 The Second lesson - Preparing for a Skit Activity: Please help me. Please help us...

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Teaching Stories in English!

Working on the skit activity...

"The Big Daikon"

(Now I'm kind of thinking to myself,


Now that I'm into the second lesson of Lesson 8 in Book 2 of the Eigo Note, I've come to feel a little more comfortable with this lesson than what I had previously felt. After expressing my concerns with the about not giving up on difficult English items and feeling the flow of the first lesson, I thought to myself, "Maybe, it's not so bad after all and this just might work out."

As of date, I've already taught the three lessons I've been allotted to teach. (We only have 6 lessons left for the rest of the year!) Each Lesson-Chapter-Unit from this point in time can only have 3 lessons each. So, we had to make the most of it...

So here was my lesson plan for the day:

1. Intro the class etc.

2. Review the names of the stories on page 50. This was done just to see if the kids had remembered the English titles and just to keep them on their toes. We also reviewed the names of the characters in The Big Daikon story from Grandpa all the way to the mouse and the target language as well.

3. We listened to the story again with the CD rom.

4. We practiced the story keywords and asked for translations from all the kids. They would need that practice again just to soften up the quiz on page 52.

5. Let's Listen page 52: We went through the quiz and the kid's seemed to be in a good mood about. There weren't any cries of "Sensei, wakaranai!" this time around.

6. We checked the answers with the kids by calling out their student numbers starting from the day's date. I usually do this so the kids don't feel I'm picking on anyone.

7. When we finished, we asked the kids if they could write down by numbers the order of the story next to each picture and all agreed that the page looked better now and was a little less confusing.

8. We erased the answers in the speech bubbles from the quiz.

9. We asked the kids to write the "real order" of the story into the speech bubbles.

10. Now the page looked very clear to understand. (But I still decided to prepare a skit-memo just in case, after the lesson.)

Get the .pdf here for the next lesson... Full page view for the pdf for page 52 skit Eigo Note Book 2 Lesson 8

11. We did another session of repeating practice in the story's true order. We had told the student's that we will have to do a skit for the next lesson so this extra practice will make it easier for them. We were glad they believed us and didn't mind doing another repeating session.

12. They also didn't mind some more memo writing in English and we used that to mask another repeating session.

13. We introduced and explained next week's skit-activity by showing the pictures on page 53. The Teacher's Book advises the ALT to say that the students can choose to be "A famous person like Oda Nobunaga is OK," but I didn't bother with it. "LOL" to the writers, but like they say in Australia, "Never mind..." The kids would probably have gone into those wild characters such as Godzilla, Ultraman, Jason, Alien and the like with some good fun but we had to stay in focus in keep in time.

Eigo Noto Bool 2 Lesson 8 preparing for the Big Daikon Skit in groups choosing which animals to play.

14. The kids were told to choose their characters from the theme for the day, Animals, just to keep it quick and simple. So, with a copy of Mark's first animal handout sheet at MES-English.com's Animal Flashcard header page, we gave each lunch-group one copy in just plain black and white. The kids could circle their chosen animal character and write their name next to it as a reservation.

15. Next, the kids were told they would have to commit to an order of characters as they appear in their original story.

16. Since, were ok for time so the kids finished spending the last 10-15 minutes freely practicing the Target Language as the HRT and I patrolled the classroom for any delinquent students that were refusing to practice their lines. (I told them I'D TELL THEIR MOM'S AND PUT THEM ON THE BLOG TO PROVE IT. Just kidding, though...)

Eigo Noto Book 2 Lesson 8 preparing in groups for the Big Daikon skit

17. We also told the kids that we will also practice next week before each group performs their skit.

18. It was also mentioned that we will be doing a recording of their skits so "Ganbatte, ne..."

Well, another 18 point lesson or so to speak. We really didn't go into the Chant in this chapter and it felt as if the time should be used on preparing for the skit and keeping the kids together in groups for as long as possible. That way, they could get accustomed to one another and feel some sort of camaraderie before the activity. For my Book 2 school, we have a very "compact" set of good kids, that my homeroom teachers like to call a good "gakkunen" set of grade 6 kids. Also, I've been teaching these kids for a long time now and know that they enjoy working together so why not give them some freedom to do so.

Hope your lessons worked out well.




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