Lesson 8-3 The Third lesson - Teaching Stories in English! Skit Activity for My Original Story...

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Teaching Stories in English! Doing the Skit Activity for My Original Story.


"The Big Daikon" or should it be "The Big Turnip"

Now I'm kind of thinking to myself,


We are now in the third lesson of Lesson 8 in Book 2 of the Eigo Note.

Yes, I've come to feel a lot more comfortable with this lesson now that the kids
had studied quite well in the last lesson and showed a very good attitude towards the lesson plan and the materials involved.

Feeling the flow of the first and second lesson get better and better, now I'm really thinking the lesson is very workable with a good set of kids.

I've been alotted to teach 3 lessons now for each remaining Lesson/Chapter so, that meant we had to make the most of it...including this last lesson for Lesson 8.

The main point and goal for the day was to include all the groups for the presentation, let them have enough practice to feel confident for the skit, and go through all the practice points quickly and smoothly.

My lesson plan experience notes are as follows. I might omit some expressions like "we told the kids" and who said it, me or the HRT, just to keep it as short as I can.

1. Did the Greetings.

2. Re-introduced the skit and presented the day's theme and goals as written above. (This way the kids could understand that time was of essence and we had to finish everything we set out to do.)

3. Reviewed last week's study points. We asked the students if they have any translations questions.

4. We didn't listen to the story again with the CDrom but looked at page 52 again with the kids. "The pictures are not in order so I've made a "printo" hand-out for you to help you." (So, please help me by behaving well throughout this lesson.)

5. We handed-out the prints and made some changes and some notes in katakana for the kids that wanted it. They listened to the ALT and wrote the katakana themselves. (No need to waste time doing "Katakana Dictation" exercises in an "English Class.")

Eigo Noto Book 2 Lesson 8 Preparing for The Big Daikon-Turnip Skit

6. "Let's make lunch-groups." "Did you all choose your animals and the order of your characers? Yes, good!"

7. "I've made some "really nice" animal cards in color as a present for you from Mark-sensei at MES-English.com. So, please get your animal card and keep it safe for now. We'll use them later for the skit."

8. Setting the scene for the skit:

"OK, let's look at page 53 and make some notes on page 54 to give you a better image of the skit." "While we make our notes let's do a demonstration at the same time..."

"Group 1, will you help me, please? Yes? Ok, great, thank you so much.
Who will be your "Grandpa" ? "

(The names of the following kids have been changed to protect their true identities "blah blah blah"...)

"Ok, Kenta-kun, what kind of animal are you? A --- ? Ok, good try, we'll fix your accent later, for now let's write your animal name here on the top to the left." "You all remember, "left and right" don't you?..." "You don't... well it's back to Grade 3 for you."

"Well, the rest of you kids please follow us and write your leader's animal name on the same space."

"Ok, Group 1, who is your "Grandma" character?"

"Eri-chan, it's you..." "Ok, what is your animal name? A ---, eh. Good, you said it perfectly!"

"Let's write that animal name here on the top right of page 54."

"As we write the animal names in order, let's watch Group 1's demonstration scene by scene as well to save some time."
(Group 1 moans and groans...So, the HRT pushes them on...)

(We went through the writing of the animal names and Group 1 demonstrating the scenes of the skit in order with each student one by one. On page 54...on the CD rom...)

Eigo Noto Book 2 Lesson 8 Preparing for The Big Daikon-Turnip Skit

"Did everyone understand?"

"Well, please make your skit performances as dramatic and "gekki-tekki" as you can."

"Please don't forget to call out the animal names after the "Oh no... we can't!" like "Horse, please help us!" Also, scene No. 5 should be said together by the "pulling group" characters, and when you all get together to pull don't forget to say "ShhPONG!" Did I say it, right? I didn't? Ok, maybe you guys can do a better job than me..."

"Oh, and don't forget to say "Great!" "Good job!" in the end."

9. "Do you have any questions?"

10. "Ok, let's work on some accents before we practice in groups..."

1. ...What's the matter?...
2. ...turnip...

Eigo Noto Book 2 Lesson 8 Preparing for The Big Daikon-Turnip Skit11. "Ok, let's practice in groups for a few minutes. And we're going to patrol round the classroom like last week to make sure you are all practicing earnestly and seriously."

Eigo Noto Book 2 Lesson 8 Preparing for The Big Daikon-Turnip Skit

12. We Monitored and moved around the classroom making sure the kids remembered the keypoints (from Point 8.). It helped the kids to remember the animal names by showing their cards to each other by placing it on the back of
the skit-memo-sheet.

Picture of a student and the animal card with the memo-script:

Eigo Noto Book 2 Lesson 8 Preparing for The Big Daikon-Turnip Skit

Eigo Noto Book 2 Lesson 8 Preparing for The Big Daikon-Turnip Skit

13. "Who needs help with accents? Ok, repeat after me...turnip turnip."

14. "Ok, time up! Which group wants to go first? All of you? Wow! "

Eigo Noto Book 2 Lesson 8 Preparing for The Big Daikon-Turnip Skit

15. "So, let's do janken to see who goes first..."

16. "Ok, I've written the order of your groups on the board. Let's start!"

17. All of the groups did their skits.

18. We congratulated the kids on doing a good job. "Good job, everyone! Now let's get ready for lunch and watch some Olympic events on TV
before clean-up time!"

Well, yet another 18 point lesson. Like last time we didn't do the Chant but that was our downfall since
we forgot to get the kids to say "Yo Heave Ho!" I wrote that in later into the skit-memo as a revision.
But the kids did very well and I asked the HRT how were the kids and the HRT said, "They enjoyed."

Hope your lessons went really well and your students "enjoyed..."


Some videos of the kids practicing in groups:

Another video of the kids practicing for The Big Turnip activity/skit.

"An authentic video of Japanese kids playing Janken/Rock-Scissors-Paper"

Get the .pdf here for the next lesson...

Full page view for the pdf for page 52 skit Eigo Note Book 2 Lesson 8

P.S. The kids had the idea for "SPONG!!!" not really me...



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