Lesson 9-2 The Second lesson - Chant and a Quiz: Teaching about Job Names and Dreams...

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Teaching about Job Names and Dreams


A chant and a Quiz:

Here we are for the second lesson of the last chapter of the Eigo Note textbook.

We used the Teacher's Book's guideline and I wasn't sure what to expect but today's lessons went quite smoothly with the kids.

It all went down like this:

1. Greetings and Intro into the main points of the day's lesson.

2. Review of the Job names with flashcards and the electronic blackboard:

Sometimes when I get into these lessons I just ask the kids in plain English:
"Do you remember the job names?"

Well, the kids almost always say "No," then I say, "That's ok. So, let's review them."

We then get into the rhythm of going through the sixteen game cards on page 79 and
even have another go around with the electronic blackboard just to add salt to the
the table. I then ask the kids, "Do you have any questions?" Which basically means,
"Do you want to hear something one more time?" so I sometimes say that too in plain English.
The kids can really pick up on "one more time" because it is perhaps the Japanese staple for
"Could you say that again?" In most cases by my experience, if Japanese speakers of English
couldn't hear the first time they would almost always say in return, "Excuse me, one more time, please."

So, if the kids stayed silent at this point, the HRT would almost always say in return in Japanese,
"So, I'm sure you all remember everything?!" (With a look that means "I'm going to test you in random
after the class.") Only after then, you will get a few kids to raise their hands and ask some questions.
So, if ever you can get the point above across (Note to self: post a translation on this point) to your
HRT especially in the upper grades it will help tremendously with ironing out any misconceptions the kids may
have in your lessons not just with vocabulary. Or you could teach the HRT to say in plain English,
"Are you sure?!" just to confirm if the kids really understand what you're trying to teach.

3. Listen to the chant:
It might seem a little adult lesson like, but I asked the kids to try and scribe the lyrics for me.
I just wanted to see how well their hearing skills have improved and this gave them a chance to settle
into groups and discuss it. "Soudan-shimasu" is the term I believe for this. Kind of like "discuss or debate
a certain topic" in plain English. The Japanese language is so prolific sometimes that there might be a
Japanese word for every type of discussion.

The kids did do quite well, and no complaints. So, we spent some time reviewing the lyrics and practicing them.

4. Review and clean up the accents in the lyrics:
This chant is quite fast so it did take some time to get the kids ready to sing with confidence but they were able
to do it. An example will be coming soon.

5. Quiz - page 58 - memo taking:
I didn't really have time to take some photos on this one, but since we had used the electronic blackboard the data
of what was written on that huge screen can actually be saved so I'll have to wait until next week to post some pics.
Basically, the kids were prepped on what topics the 3 speakers would be talking about and we had the kids put the
numbers 1 to 4 in their speech bubbles in the appropriate textbook's page. So, it looked a little like this;

1. Name:
2. Country:
3. Job:
4. Dream:

This made the quiz seem much more simpler for the kids and again there were no complaints from them.

6. Mini Interview - page 59 - ask 4 other students... save the rest of the work for next since time is running out.
We did have time left over and the kids were in the mood for a little movement around the classroom.

7. Well, we closed up soon after that exercise and finished with a little pow wow on what to do for the next lesson.

Hope your lessons went extremely well.


(Please check out the downloads page for the .pdf quiz-tester-worksheets (my worksheets) on this lesson.

The ENB)


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