Lesson 9-3 The Third lesson - Job Names, Dreams and Why?: Last Class Presentations...

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Job Names, Dreams and Why?


Last Class Presentations:

This is the last Eigo Note lesson for Book 2 for me for the year.

Again we weren't sure what to expect but today's lessons went quite well with the kids.

The main focus for today was the presentation and to see if the kids could acquire the target language:

"I want to be a ___."

"Because I like..."

"Because I want to ..."


Our main points were:

1. Greetings and Intro into the main points of the day's lesson: Review, The Chant, and Presentations.

2. Review:

Since we had left a few spaces of the Interview Sheet on page 59 blank, our review was based on the
interview questions and answers:

A: "What do you want to be?"
B: "I want to be a ..."

While doing the review we picked up a few kids at random to try the conversation with the rest of the class as A.
and the "picked up" student as B.

3. Finishing off the page 59 Interview Activity:

The kids got into this activity with no problems. Most of the kids were quite adept at saying "What do you want to be?"
but the "I want to be a ..." seemed to be a little difficult for them.

4. The Speech Memo sheet on page 60.

We didn't spend a lot of time introducing this page. Basically, I had used the electronic blackboard to show the kids
where to write their "want to be" job name along with a reminder to write "a" in front of the job names and of course
"an" in front of those job names starting with a, e, i, o, or u. The vowels are called "bo-eng" in Japanese.

5. Why do you want to be a ___?: Page 60 Memo part 2

Getting elementary school students to everything all at once might be very difficult so we took this memo in stages.

The next part was for the kids to try and produce the "why" of their dream jobs. So, it was explained on the e-board
that the could write "Because I like... " and "Because I want to... " or even "Because I want... "

6. Page 61: Write down 10 names of friends

Basically it was ok to write 10 names of anyone in the class but not those names of people who are in the same row.
If students had written all those name in their rows they wouldn't have time to make a memo since we were doing our
presentations in rows.

One whole row of students would stand up and all do their speeches before sitting down. We could have sent students up to
to the front but this would have taken too long and we needed to get everyone by today.

7. Presentation: Demo

Of course, I did the presentation and it went like this:

Hello, everybody...
My name is...
I want to be a...
Because I like...

8. Presentations:

I thought the kids could have done better but we didn't have enough time for practice before the presentation.

Let the videos speak for themselves:

9. Praise and Advice:

Most advice was centered on the short statements the kids had already known in English but said in Japanese.

10. We closed the lesson and the year by taking a few pictures with the kids.

Now where did I put those jpeg files... I'll be back!


(P.S. Please check out the downloads page for the .pdf quiz-tester-worksheets (my worksheets) on this lesson. - The ENB)




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