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Feel free to "talk" about the textbooks, or anything ESL in general.

There are many other forums listed on the web and here are some listed below:
( topic title: "Eigo Note is officially ruining elementary school")
*This is not really's own view but for the sake of 'free speech' I've listed it here. The site does have many interesting survival threads and is based on ESL in Japan and the JET program.

There's another web-based forum at:
( topic title: "elementary lessons based on Eigo Note")
Englipedia has been a long-running and outstanding resource for ALTs. The site, Englipedia, was created by an ALT, Patrick Bickford, for ALTs in ES, JHS, and HS. You'll easily find the link at the top of their forum.

These forums may be of some interest to you.

We have recently closed down our forums PHP section in favor of starting a new wordpress section which, hopefully, will be up and running very soon.

Forums are an excellent place to voice out your opinions espicially about the ESL situation in Japan. Please be assured your personal information and email will be kept absolutely private here at



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