A really easy and inexpensive way to give away ESL prizes for kids.

Jun 21 2010 4 Comments by The ENB

Of course we all love to give away prizes to the kids for games, good behavior, or just for being kids that really participate well in class, or for someone who needs a little boost.

I got this idea while I was searching for some pictures on the net and it turned out to be a real easy prize to make if you have a decent camera, an internet connection at your school and a printer...

Now if you don't really know about this site, just take a look at the samples below and the picture should be clear enough to see what this site really does. It creates excellent photo-realism pictures in a snap. Do you remeber photo-realism. If not, then take a look at the video of the week about the uncanny valley.

I think these funphotobox samples look really great and I was surprised how a few pictures could cause a mini rave at school. Samples

fun photo box


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1 Response to ' A really easy and inexpensive way to give away ESL prizes for kids. '

  1. M-sensei says:

    This is a great idea! My kids will love it.

    Thanks for all your work on your blog, by the way. I haven't commented before, but your ideas and lesson plans have been incredibly useful to me in teaching the eigo note.

  2. The ENB says:

    Thanks so much for your message!

    Sorry, but my site is just basically in .html format and the mail server does not tell me from which page's contact form your mail came from. (so I'm trying to work on that bug)

    So, I was wondering about which page on the site you were reffering to so I could list it in the site as a comment.

  3. M-sensei says:

    Hi ENB-sensei,

    I really liked your idea of making student prizes using My message referred to that post. But all your ideas are great. :-) Please keep writing!!


  4. The ENB says:

    Thanks again for the nice comments!

    As for the writing I "will do" as much as I can.

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