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These games are are just for fun to play at home. Or in your free time.



Space Chaos: A Fun Flash Game from the Internet

Sept 25 2010 0 Comments by The ENB

Space Chaos: A Fun Flash Game from the Internet

This is a space type game that brings back some fond memories... Fight for the survival of the universe in this epic space shooter.

Click here for the full page version to play Space Chaos...

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So much more to come...

May 26 2010 0 Comments by The ENB

Like the famous someone said: "I'm just getting started..."

There will be of course more suggestions and sections coming soon... like the teaser below...

By the way, I really appreciate all the mail and support recently. If you have a link suggestion of your own for a post in this section, and a "call" name, the credit will be all yours if you send it in and if it's posted on the site. So if you'd be so kind, send us your input via the contact form below or the submit news button up top. They are really easy to use if you've got time to punch in a few keys between or after classes. It would be a really big HELP for the site.

Thanks a bunch.



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