Vectorial Vancouver at the 2010 Winter Olympics

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This week's Featured Video: "Vectorial Elevation"

A special kind of event for the Vancouver 2010

Winter Olympic Games.

This video is in HD so for better viewing, press play then quickly pause, let the player fully load (wait for the light red line to hit the right side) then press play and enjoy! Another great video shot and cut by a Vancouverite, Jon Rawlinson accompanied by a really cool song, Love Like a Sunset, Pt2, by Phoenix.



If you liked this video, you might want to go and create your very own special searchlight/spotlight light show. It only lasts for 12 seconds since the lights will automatically generate everyone's creation in turns until the lights go out for the day. As you enter the main site look for the "Participate" button on the top right menu and you will be seconds away from viewing your own creative searchlight/spotlight light show.

"Vectorial Elevation is an interactive artwork that allows participants to transform the sky over Vancouver, Canada. Using a three-dimensional interface, this web site lets you design huge light sculptures by directing 20 robotic searchlights located around English Bay. A web page is made for each participant with photos of their design from four cameras located around the city."

"Vectorial Elevation" is an interactive artwork that allows you to direct powerful light beams and transform Vancouver’s skyline between February 4 - 28, 2010 created by a very famous designer, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, who is proudly Canadian by the way, and in the spirit of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, lets give him a big round of applause!

Go go Canucks! Get more Gold! You're on the home ground!

A brief note: As you create and then submit your designs, don't forget to do a few things. Submit your email and a dedication. Copy and paste the your creation's URL by CTRL C and CTRL V into a new tab or window in your browser. Wait a few moments depending on your allotted waiting time (there will be roughly another 180,000 participants during the Olympic Games for this web event) and see your designs in real time and virtual photos.

Remember this event will only last until the Vancouver Olympic Games are over so give it a try sooner than later. Anyone care to make me a dedication? I'll be tickled pink with delight...


Vectorial Elevation Video Roll

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